The mission of Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA) has been to provide customers with high quality dehumidification systems solutions at competitive prices. That has been our primary goal since our founding in 1995.

DCA has always provided the highest quality brand name, off-the-shelf, non-proprietary dehumidifier components, easily obtained from any quality refrigeration distributor. This is especially important when it comes to the control system. DCA has never specified proprietary controls on any of our products. This allows repair technicians the advantage of sourcing controls and many other dehumidifier parts from their local supply house, as opposed to waiting for the factory to react.

Benefits of Non-Proprietary

DCA controllerDehumidifiers, especially the large scale dehumidification systems we manufacture at DCA, are complex systems. They are made up of a number of smaller parts and systems, all of which are connected and work together.

If one part of that system breaks — whether due to poor quality workmanship, incorrect installation, or the service life ending — it is unlikely to be the only part that does so. The failure of one part can reverberate up and down the system, causing secondary issues.

If the primary controls on your dehumidifier — such as the humidistat, thermostat, or their sensors — fail, it can become difficult to diagnose secondary issues. Without a functioning controller, you cannot turn on your system in order to get an accurate overview of its status. Control systems, which are relatively inexpensive when compared to an entire dehumidification system, have complete control on how the system operates. 

A proprietary control and its sensors are normally designed and manufactured per a specific manufacturer’s specifications. They are only available through their parts distribution and not in the normal distribution chain. Substituting another control can void the manufacturer’s warranty.  

Non-proprietary controllers, such as the ones that the DCA team installs on all of our dehumidification systems, are made by Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Vector, and other high quality providers. This is especially valuable in emergency situations, since they normally can be obtained locally. This allows you to reduce the downtime of your dehumidifier, as well as reduce product and profit loss in humidity-sensitive manufacturing settings.

Other Major Components

Other components, such as but not limited to relays, transformers, contactors, and fuse blocks, are also off-the-shelf. Refrigeration components such as compressors, filters and dryers, expansion valves, refrigerant, refrigeration valves, blowers, blower motors and belts, and return air filters are also easily obtained. 

To learn more about the non-proprietary controllers that DCA uses in our dehumidification systems, visit today.

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