DCA offers replacement dehumidification systems for most swimming pool rooms. Our high-quality and economically priced replacement dehumidifiers are available in horizontal or vertical cabinet construction, with capacities ranging from 1.5 to 30 nominal tons with 650 to 14,000 CFM of supply air.

When it’s time to replace your swimming pool room dehumidifier, there are a few ways to get started.

Tips for Replacing Dehumidifiers:

  • Identify the make and model number of the dehumidifier that you intend to replace. Many DCA dehumidifier models can directly replace existing units from other manufacturers, eliminating the need to “re-invent the wheel” when you need a replacement. DCA regularly provides replacement units with better price points, warranties, and factory service, as well as off the shelf components. Some of the common competitors we regularly replace include:
    • Dectron
    • Desert Aire
    • Dumont
    • DryAire
    • PoolPak
    • Seresco

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  • Determine whether the failed dehumidification system was correctly sized when it was new and if it adequately served its intended purpose. Often, parameters have changed enough over the years to require an updated dehumidification unit size or capacity. For example, if pool water temperature has risen or a hot tub or spa was added to a pool room space, the room’s moisture control requirements have likely changed. DCA’s engineering team can help determine if the old system was adequate or if a new larger – or smaller – system may better serve your needs.
  • Determine if the present system failed prematurely. When a pool room dehumidification system is sized correctly and installed consistent with the factory installation instruction manual, the system should have a service life of 8 to 12 years of operation or more. If premature failure occurred, now is the time to solve that problem, or the new system is also likely to experience early failure. Common problems causing early failure include, but are not limited to:
    • Lack of proper air flow through the dehumidifier caused by inadequate duct work
    • Lack of general maintenance
    • Failure to complete a proper start-up procedure which can expose future problems
    • Storing pool water chemicals in the mechanical room
    • Incoming power problems causing voltage fluctuations (too high or low)

Replacement Dehumidifier Options

DCA offers many options to enhance its replacement dehumidification systems, such as:

  • Pool water heating exchanger contained as part of the dehumidifier to assist in heating pool water under certain conditions
  • Efficient ways to introduce outdoor make-up air to your indoor pool room
  • Numerous cabinet configurations to accommodate existing duct work
  • Wide assortment of humidity and temperature controls
  • Add-on components to allow the dehumidifier to provide cool air to the space
  • Make-up air and pool room space heating duct heaters
  • Horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Indoor or outdoor installation (horizontal only)
  • Rooftop curb mounted
  • Water source cooling
  • Pool water heating (pool room dehumidifiers only)
  • External gas or electric heat
  • Internal water heat
  • BMS Controls – BACnet

Not sure where to turn?

We realize that many of our customers have dealt with groups that may no longer be in business. Our team understands that this puts companies in a difficult position where they may be uncertain of what their options are for replacement. Our team of specialists and engineers are committed to working with you to determine what DCA unit will be the best fit for your application.

As you consider your replacement strategy, take advantage of DCA’s more-than-35 years of experience in pool room dehumidification with both air cooled and water cooled solutions, along with our industry-leading, 5-year refrigeration coils warranty and 3-year parts only warranty on all of our well-engineered systems.