How Does the Dehumidification Process Work?

Click to Expand Any commercial or industrial setting involving the general public—or any other situation involving excessive humidity—is a prime candidate for dehumidification. The two common types of dehumidifiers available for these applications are either mechanical or desiccant dehumidification systems. These two types vary considerably and actually do not compete; rather, each has a definite […]

Gas Furnace vs. Electric Duct Heater

Different heat sources offer different advantages, and choosing the right one for every application can increase efficiency and effectiveness, as well as decrease costs.  At Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA), we specialize in optional add-on high-quality heating. Read through this guide for an in-depth comparison of gas duct furnaces vs. electric duct heaters. It’s not […]

Industrial Uses for Dedicated Dehumidification Systems

If you need constant control over dew point or relative humidity (RH) in your manufacturing, assembly, or production process, you will need some kind of humidity control system. Uncontrolled humidity can lead to a variety of problems that hurt your bottom line. With the help of a dedicated dehumidification system, you’ll be able to control […]

Understanding Relative Humidity and How to Control it Indoors

Understanding relative humidity (RH) begins with understanding two key aspects: RH and dew point temperature. The dew point temperature is the specific temperature where moisture in the atmosphere condenses in dew form on surfaces with a lower temperature. For most people, the most comfortable level of environmental RH is somewhere between 40% and 60%, but […]

Solving Humidity Issues in Manufacturing Processes

In industrial processing facilities, even minor fluctuations in humidity can necessitate costly and time-consuming procedural modifications. Maintaining optimal humidity levels in these environments is essential for maximizing production while ensuring an appealing and high-quality final product. Humidity control is particularly important when processing items that naturally absorb moisture from their surroundings.   When controlling moisture […]

BIM Files for DCA Commercial Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA) is a major U.S. manufacturer of quality dehumidification systems. When planning your next dehumidification project, BIM files can be a big help. Using visualization technology, these files reduce errors and prevent conflicts when implementing your dehumidification system. As such, they are often used in ground logistics, piping planning, construction, step […]

Controlling Humidity in Exercise and Endless Pool Rooms

Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA) is an industry-leading provider of indoor swimming pool room dehumidifiers, specializing in hydrotherapy rooms, endless pools, and exercise pools. Controlling humidity in these rooms is crucial, as excess moisture can lead to a variety of problems. Compared to ordinary pools, endless and exercise pools often contain wave motion technology and/or […]

Industrial Moisture & Humidity Control – A Dehumidifier Guide

Out-of-control humidity and moisture can be quite destructive and reduce the effectiveness of manufacturing equipment. Many industries rely on industrial humidity control to keep inventory and other assets safe from airborne moisture. A commercial dehumidifier can be categorized as either desiccant or mechanical in their construction. This article will focus on mechanical dehumidifiers, in which […]

Selecting the Best Commercial Dehumidifier for Your Needs

High humidity poses a serious problem for many facilities. Not only does excess moisture make occupants uncomfortable, but it can render a room less safe, encouraging mold growth and interfering with electrical devices. Similarly, in a warehouse or factory setting, uncontrolled humidity can damage products or even interrupt processing. Maintaining a relatively dry atmosphere is […]

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