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Climate control is critical for maintaining safe production, recreational, and storage spaces in various industries. While temperature is an important factor, it is essential not to overlook the role that humidity plays in climate control applications. Too much humidity can cause quality control issues, particularly in moisture-sensitive industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. Dehumidifiers help you control the moisture content of air within a space or facility for more efficient and safe overall processes. Below are just a few of the industries that benefit from quality dehumidification systems by Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA).

Hotel and Hospitality Swimming Pool Room Dehumidifiers

Keeping your hotel or hospitality pool room free of excess moisture prevents unsightly and unhealthy microbial growth. A dehumidification system also makes it easier to keep the environment in your pool room at a comfortable temperature. DCA offers specialized commercial dehumidifiers to meet the high traffic needs of hotel and hospitality swimming pool rooms. Our systems feature continuous blowers, tempered outdoor airflow consistent with health codes, durable exhaust fans, and appropriate condensate direction to floor drains. 

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Residential Swimming Pool Room Dehumidifiers

A residential dehumidification system can help you save money and maintain a safe, comfortable environment in your residential pool room. With a DCA residential dehumidifier, you can control humidity, air temperature, and pool temperature from one wall-mounted thermostat. Our multi-functional residential pool dehumidification systems save you money on climate control while preventing mold and structural issues caused by moisture. 

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Therapy Pool Room Dehumidifiers

For therapy pool rooms, it is important to have a comfortable space that facilitates a healing atmosphere. Mold and excessive moisture can contribute to poor air quality and an unpleasant environment that is not conducive to therapeutic activities. DCA is an industry-leading supplier of custom-designed dehumidification systems for therapy pool rooms. 

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Replacement Dehumidifiers

DCA provides replacement dehumidification systems for a variety of swimming pool rooms in both residential and commercial settings. Our range of affordable dehumidifiers come in horizontal and vertical cabinet construction with a wide range of capacities from 1.5 to 30 tons and supply airflow of 650 to 14,000 CFM.

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Grow Room Dehumidifiers

The microclimates produced in grow rooms must be finely controlled to meet plant needs for air, water, temperature, and light. A high-capacity DCA dehumidifier tailored to your facility’s needs will help you maintain the sensitive balance necessary for a healthy and productive growing operation.

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Vertical Farming Dehumidifiers

DCA engineers and manufactures dehumidification systems that are used in both vertical and horizontal indoor farming operations. Each system is tailored to meet the particular needs of your setup with indoor and outdoor mounting options, roof curb mounting, and water source cooling. 

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Warehouse and Storage Dehumidifiers

Moisture in warehouse and storage facilities can cause disastrous damage to stored materials, machinery, handling equipment, and the structure of the warehouse itself. DCA’s industrial dehumidifiers offer an affordable and effective solution to prevent excess humidity in warehouse and storage settings. With a properly scaled dehumidification system, you can improve air quality, enhance working conditions, and reduce overhead. 

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Industrial Dehumidifiers

Industrial dehumidification systems are ideal for industrial activities that are moisture-intensive. Process moisture from industrial operations can cause damage to buildings and equipment and compromise product quality. With the right DCA dehumidifier, you can control the relative humidity, temperature, and dew point for lower energy costs, better quality control, and greater process efficiency. 

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100% Outdoor Air Dehumidification Systems

As more structures are built with sealed interiors for optimal energy efficiency, engineers are incorporating 100% outdoor air dehumidification systems for energy-efficient climate control. While it is easy to find 100% outdoor air dehumidification systems, it is important to select a dehumidifier that can handle the volume, size, and particular environmental characteristics of your space. DCA is pleased to offer a full line of 100% outdoor air units that range from 1.5 to 30 tons, with volumes between 200 and 7000. 

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Custom Dehumidification Systems

DCA’s seasoned team of dedicated engineers have extensive experience with the development, testing, and manufacturing of custom refrigeration-style dehumidification systems. We are pleased to supply custom-built dehumidifiers for customers in nearly every industry, from hotels and storage spaces to industrial facilities and indoor farms.

Working With Dehumidifier Corporation of America

With more than 20 years serving customers in nearly every industry, DCA has the knowledge and expertise necessary to produce superior dehumidification solutions for even the most difficult climate control challenges. To learn more about our selection of dehumidifiers and dehumidification systems, contact us today!