Out-of-control indoor humidity levels can cause many issues in a wide range of applications, with a particularly negative impact on equipment, furniture, technology, and other items housed in the area. As such, dehumidifiers serve a vital role in many industries, controlling moisture levels in the air and helping to prevent the degradation of items susceptible to high humidity. However, while some applications can be adequately served by standard catalog dehumidifiers, others have more unique requirements that necessitate the design of a custom unit that can meet a specific dew point. There are several variations in the size, design, and capacity of dehumidifiers. Identifying the specifications that will best suit your application ensures optimal performance.

Why You May Need a Custom Dehumidifier

When selecting the optimal dehumidifier, there are several factors to evaluate. A few of the most vital considerations include, but are not limited to:

  • A specific dew point must be met for a special application
  • Either higher or lower CFM requirements are not available in standard catalog dehumidifiers
  • Dehumidifying a high moisture load in a small volume space is a requirement
  • The dehumidifier is required to operate in an application where either higher or lower return air temps than normal are specified

In cases where a standard dehumidifier is unable to meet the specific needs of a particular project, a custom dehumidifier is an optimal solution. Customization options for dehumidifiers are highly varied and feature all the standard options a catalog unit offers but may include a specialized evaporator or condenser coil to achieve a specific goal. Custom units can be coupled to an outdoor remote condenser operating in concert with the indoor condenser to increase overall efficiency.  Customizing a dehumidifier ensures that it has the appropriate capacity and design for its intended application, which improves the lifespan and efficacy of equipment and protects everything in the room.

Common Applications for Custom Dehumidifiers

These systems offer advantages across a diverse array of applications. Many industries rely heavily on dehumidifiers, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Printing
  • Food and beverage

More specifically, custom units can often be found in the following applications:

  • Packaging
  • Water treatment plants
  • Computers and circuit boards
  • Museums
  • Warehouses
  • Applications where the ambient temperature is above 60°F
  • Other specialized applications

Custom Options from the Dehumidifier Corporation of America

In any application that would benefit from a mechanically refrigerated dehumidifier, the Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA) engineering team will create a custom-built unit to meet more precise specifications. We consider both temperature and dew point to determine the optimal dehumidifier for the user. We offer horizontal and vertical configurations, as well as external gas or electric heat options. Additionally, our custom options provide the following:

  • Critical dew point control
  • Roof mountable with vertical supply and return
  • Modulating reheat valve/control
  • Built-in hot water coil (horizontal only)
  • Low ambient application
  • Class 1 Division 2 applications

We have years of experience working on custom projects tailor-made to meet our customers’ expectations. When you reach out to us, our team will discuss your project with you and provide further details on how our custom capabilities will best serve you.

The DCA Advantage

At DCA, we consistently work with the most cutting-edge technology to provide fully customized solutions for any dehumidification need. Our products are built in the USA, and our standard warranty is the best in the industry, covering one year on controls and three years on all parts. This is why we can say that we offer “Value-Driven Quality, Built Here.”

We are proud to have spent decades pioneering dehumidification technology, as this highly specialized field requires in-depth knowledge that can only be gained through years of experience. Through a combination of new technology and high-quality components, we are providing the best product line with some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

Working with DCA 

Since our founding in 1995, the Dehumidifier Corporation of America has been creating the highest quality custom dehumidifying systems for our customers across a wide variety of industries. Our experienced engineering staff will work with you throughout the entire process. We will identify the unique needs of your facility, evaluate the moisture load, and determine the optimal custom dehumidification solution for you. The core members of DCA have been working with this technology for over 40 years, and we are dedicated to solving the needs of any dehumidification challenge. To learn more about our custom dehumidification systems, contact us or request a quote today.