It can be a challenge to find a dehumidifier that best suits your application’s needs. Dehumidifier Corporation of America makes it easy. Whether you need a replacement, a new unit for a brand-new project, or warranty information for an older model, DCA has a variety of online tools to guide you. We’ve shared a summary of them for your convenience.

Replacement Identifier Tool

Identifying the right dehumidifier to replace an older model is a simple task with our replacement identifier tool. Just fill out the information about your old unit in our easy-to-use form, and we’ll identify the DCA unit that meets the capacity of your previous one. This tool does not link to a calling list, so there is no sales call and no pressure. Our tool simply matches up the right unit with the adequate capacity for your replacement and gives you the answer immediately.

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This tool provides access to DCA’s unmatched reliability, service, and expertise to ensure the unit you select will perform as promised for years to come. Among the selections available are models from several manufacturers like Desert Aire, Dumont, Poolpak, and more. By submitting a request, you will receive:

  • Immediate feedback on the right replacement unit
  • Full access to our product and service brochure
  • Guidance in the selection of the best replacement dehumidification unit to fit your needs

We offer the broadest range of 1.5 to 10.0 ton units on the market that may not require alterations to existing ductwork.

Product & Service Brochure

DCA also offers plenty of guidance in selecting the new equipment and service you need with our product and service brochure. You can view this handy eBook on any device. It provides you with a streamlined approach to reviewing and discovering the various features and benefits of the units we stock. This product and service brochure includes:

  • Suitable environments, applications, and performance data for each product
  • Equipment specification and features presented in detail
  • An overview of DCA’s mission and quality standards
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Our brochure also guides you to the service and support section of our website, where you will find service videos, owner and installation manuals, and inquiry forms.

Selection Software

With our selection software, you can choose the right equipment faster and easier than ever. It was made specifically for poolroom applications and ensures you find the best equipment for your poolroom in less time without a lot of guesswork.

Here are some excellent features that come with our software:

Saved Search

Search functions on our software include a parameter for saving information you have already provided if you need to suspend your session while looking for additional details. Our software preserves user-submitted parameters on our servers, allowing you to resume where you left off regardless of the location or the device you used to connect to the Internet. Once you reconnect, you can edit the parameters of the project with any adjustments without starting over.

Product Information

Our software provides exhaustive information regarding our products to assist in choosing the unit and equipment that best suits the specific criteria for your poolroom application.

Software Parameters

When using DCA’s dehumidifier selection software, you will be asked to provide information on various parameters like:

  • Typical weather data in your location
  • Dimension and specs of the poolroom
  • Anticipated or desired room temperature
  • Expected or desired level of room humidity
  • Pool or spa water temperature
  • Anticipated level of activity for the pool or spa

Just include the requested data and our software will have the product information you need. It’s that simple!

Warranty Information

Misplacing information, especially warranty information, is common, but it shouldn’t become a major issue. DCA provides warranty information related to each product in our catalog on the corresponding product’s page. Start by finding the dehumidifiers page of the catalog and navigate to the individual product page of your unit. To the right side of the page you will find a section for downloads. Among the included download is your specific product’s warranty.

Obsolete Equipment

Another issue that occurs, especially with high-quality units with excellent longevity, is finding information related to obsolete equipment. DCA provides manuals, tech sheets, and other information on obsolete models from our 500 series all the way to our 14000 series units.

Contact Us for More Details About Our Support Tools

DCA has made selecting the right dehumidifier simple and effortless. We offer a range of tools, such as our replacement identifier tool, product and service brochure, and selection software to help with your choice. Our site also includes warranty information as well as hard-to-find manuals and tech sheets on current and obsolete units. Our expert team has made it easy to find the right information and equipment to meet your dehumidifier needs.

Contact us to learn more about our dehumidifier solutions and a member of our team will assist right away.