Industrial and commercial dehumidifiers often operate in harsh or challenging environmental conditions, resulting in significant wear. Typically, these machines will have a working life of 9–11 years, but this lifespan can be greatly reduced without the proper service. When regular maintenance has been neglected for too long or the equipment fails to keep up with expectations, an industrial dehumidifier may need to be replaced to restore optimal humidity conditions.

Signs It’s Time to Replace an Industrial or Commercial Dehumidifier

Choosing when to invest in a replacement dehumidifier doesn’t need to be a challenge. There are a number of signs that may indicate the need for a new unit.

Dehumidifier Requires More Than Two Service Calls Annually

While regular maintenance is extremely important, excessive service calls indicate that a dehumidifier is reaching the end of its service life. Ideally two maintenance service calls per year is recommended based on yearly service contracts.  When more than two service calls per year are needed it is time evaluate the effective service life left of the dehumidifier. Users frequently choose to continue running an unreliable dehumidifier because they worry that a replacement will be inconvenient or expensive. Often the costs of an unreliable dehumidifier outweigh the cost of a new system.  When mold, mildew, corrosion and rusting become evident, because of the non-operating dehumidifier the remedial costs can be staggering, many times costing more than a newly installed dehumidifier. The Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA) can help resolve this concern and assist customers in making the most economical choice for their unique situation.

Dehumidifier Runs Continually or in Short Cycles

If a dehumidifier has been sized and installed properly initially it should not need to run non-stop to properly maintain desired room moisture conditions. One easy fix can be the recalibration of the dehumidifier controls to their original set points. However, dehumidifiers should also not be constantly cycling either, as this can drastically shorten the life of the unit and may indicate a malfunction. Improper dehumidifier cycling can occur for a number of reasons—particularly if it is undersized or if the facility has undergone significant moisture changes or the room temperatures have strayed from initial set points since the unit was installed.

Dehumidifier Fails to Reach Requirements

Dehumidifiers can properly control the temperature and humidity of a facility if the system has the required room cooling and heating capacity to meet conditions. If the unit is not reaching its intended set points means it isn’t doing its job. A dehumidifier that originally met its design conditions but now fails to control humidity and temperature may be at the end of its service life or need servicing.  Defective dehumidifier control and or control sensors are the first place to check.  Also, and equally important, is if the temperature of the room is at the desired set point. Both the room temperature and desired relative humidity set point need to be verified.

Excess Moisture is Visible in Cold Weather

Outside facing glass, in cold climates, is extremely hard to keep clear of moisture at all times. When glass and metal surfaces are showing visible excess moisture forming on the inside means that these surfaces have reached their room dew point. The quality of glass is extremely important.  Low E, gas filled, double and triple pane glass and the addition of a storm window go a long way in keeping the inside face of the glass free from moisture. Equally important is the constant flow of warm dry air on these surfaces.  Even with the above recommendations exercised, if the interior glass surfaces have reached it room dew point moisture will form.

There is a Persistent Smell of Mold

This sign is the strongest indicator that a dehumidifier needs to be immediately serviced or replaced. Mold thrives in humid conditions. When a dehumidifier ceases proper functioning, moisture can build up inside the walls and ceiling insulation, allowing mold to grow. Mold forms within the interior of the wall on the cold side of the insulation and can be incredibly challenging to eradicate. Most times the only solution is a total tear down of the wall replacing any wood, drywall, or insulation that has been impacted by mold or mildew. A persistent mold smell means that the problem has already begun, and it is important to take immediate steps to halt its spread.

Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifier Replacements

Dehumidifier units designed to control moisture within indoor pool rooms are complex and can be expensive to replace. While preventative maintenance may feel like an unnecessary use of money, it is actually significantly less costly than replacing a malfunctioning pool dehumidifier and remediating the mold, mildew or corrosion that may have set in the pool room and adjacent rooms.  Not taking out of control moisture seriously, in indoor pool rooms, can often result in becoming a horror story in a short amount of time.

At DCA, we can help swimming pool owners choose the best solution to ensure the comfort and safety of their patrons. Our engineering team does regular work in pool facilities and is skilled in providing system evaluations. We can also help pool owners choose appropriate dehumidifier replacements if necessary.

DCA Replacement Identifier Tool

If you think that it might be time to replace your dehumidification system, our free Replacement Unit Identifier can help you determine the best type of unit for your needs. This tool is quick and easy to use, requiring just a few simple inputs. It will provide immediate feedback so that you can feel secure knowing you’re finding the most appropriate and economical replacement.

At DCA, we regularly provide dehumidifiers that can replace aging and defunct units from every other major brand. Once you’ve filled out what type of dehumidifier you plan to replace, our team will immediately provide you with expert feedback and information on selecting an appropriate unit. You will also receive access to our full product and service brochure. If you’re having issues with your dehumidifier, don’t wait—let us help you find a solution today.


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