Climate and humidity control are major considerations for businesses in a wide range of industries where the control of relative humidity and dew point are crucial.  The following are several, but not limited to, examples including hotels/motels, fitness centers, warehousing facilities pharmaceuticals, museums, water treatment plants, packaging,  printing industry and outdoor makeup air. Uncontrolled humidity in these environments can result in defective products, mold, mildew, corrosion leading to unnecessary unforseen costs. 

Importance of Humidity Control

Managing humidity levels in your facility are important when people comfort, product quality control, and housekeeping are important. To prevent issues that occur from out of control humidity it is important to ensure your facility has the correct humidity level. Some benefits of proper humidity control include:

  • Management of Environmental Conditions: Dehumidifiers will improve air quality by providing the ideal range of relative humidity creating a healthy indoor environment.
  • Maintain Product Quality: Proper dehumidification can reduce product damage and limit production downtime caused by out of control room humidity.
  • Preserve Building Integrity: Controlling relative humidity can limit the damaging effects of rust, corrosion, mold, mildew and other nuisance housekeeping costs. 


Commercial vs. Residential Dehumidifiers

A residential dehumidifier is a lightweight unit that can be purchased at a typical hardware or big box store, and they’re commonly used in basements or closets to control humidity and prevent mold growth at home and operate on standard household current. Commercial and industrial dehumidifiers, on the other hand, are made of heavy-duty materials and normally ducted to ensure complete room air circulation and operate on any typical industrial power source. When climate and humidity control mean the difference between a successful production run and wasted time and money, don’t leave your humidity levels to chance. 


Commercial Dehumidifier Applications

These are just a few of the businesses and spaces that benefit from having a commercial dehumidifier:

  • Waste and fresh water Management and Other Industrial Facilities: The high moisture levels in water management facilities often promote mold, rust, corrosion, and other problems causing constant housekeeping problems. 
  • Hotels and Motels: Dehumidifiers can promote ideal humidity levels that control stale or fowl air in rooms and corridors caused by indoor pools, or humid outdoor make up air. 
  • Swimming Pool Rooms: In hotels, motels, spas, and recreation centers, swimming pool rooms are even harder to keep clean when high humidity encourages mold growth. Controlling humidity makes the space more comfortable to the swimmers and ensures an enjoyable swimming experience.. 
  • Therapy Pool RoomsTherapy pool rooms are often smaller than swimming pool rooms and the water used in the pool is often hotter, resulting in greater humidity. Unmitigated humidity has a negative impact on both the employees and the customer experience.
  • Grow Rooms and Vertical Farms: The benefit of growing crops and other plants indoors is that you can provide Mother Nature’s best day everyday—which includes humidity. Different plants thrive in different humidity levels, and a commercial dehumidifier can help create the ideal grow room or vertical farming environment for your plants. 

At Dehumidifier Corporation of America, we have a range of dehumidifier types to meet your unique specifications and to replace just about every existing failed dehumidification system. 

Applications for Custom Dehumidifiers

In some situations, a standard dehumidifier doesn’t offer exactly what you need. The size of your facility, the temperature, dew point and humidity level are some of the factors that may help you determine if you require a custom solution:

  • Pharmaceutical Facilities: Since most pharmaceuticals are hygroscopic in nature lower moisture levels help ensure an appropriate shelf life, and help prevent clumping when mixing is involved, which could lead to inaccurate measurements and dosages. 
  • Water Treatment Plants: Each facility is unique in terms of size, humidity levels, and ambient room temperature they operate under,  a custom solution may be appropriate if standard dehumidifiers don’t offer what you need.
  • Large Fitness Centers: You may need more dehumidification power if your fitness center has a pool, sauna, or large, highly-trafficked locker rooms.  The more clients work out at a time lead to higher moisture levels.  A good rule of thumb is an average person working out vigorously will contribute approximately one pound per hour of moisture to the space that has to be addressed.   
  • Museums: Excess moisture puts old artifacts and documents at risk of damage. 
  • 100% Outdoor Air: For well-sealed, energy efficient homes and other buildings, ventilation and odor removal are as important as dehumidification. 
  • Warehousing: Protect products in storage and ensure the comfort of warehouse employees by maintaining the optimal humidity levels. 

Don’t let excess humidity slowly wear away your equipment, encourage mold and mildew, and create an uncomfortable environment for your employees and customers. There is a dehumidification solution for every facility in any industry, and we can help you find it. With decades of experience, Dehumidifier Corporation of America is a leader in the highly specialized field of industrial and commercial dehumidification, and we’re committed to offering the best American-made products at competitive prices. Contact us to learn more about dehumidification for a variety of applications, or request a free project analysis today. 

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