Finding the right dehumidifier for your pool room doesn’t have to be a challenge. The new dehumidifier selection software from DCA makes choosing your equipment fast and simple. Made specifically for pool room applications, this software ensures that you find the correct equipment for your pool room in less time.

Search functions include a save option that lets users suspend their efforts while they find the necessary information. User-specified parameters are preserved on our servers, so the session can be resumed on any internet-connected device at any time. Reediting ability allows users to revisit the tool if their project parameters need adjustments.

DCA’s new dehumidifier selection software contains exhaustive information on our currently available products and information to help searchers find the correct pool room dehumidifier to fit their needs.

How the DCA Dehumidifier Selection Software Works

Begin your search by registering for an account on the DCA website—this will give you access to the online access portal. After that, follow the prompts to enter all of the relevant data for your pool room environment. Parameters for this tool include:

  • Weather data for your location
  • Pool room specs
  • Expected room temperature
  • Expected room humidity
  • Water temperature in the pool or spa
  • Activity factor for the pool or spa

More advanced data may be needed to ensure the best results from the dehumidifier selection software. Other input options include:

  • The room’s primary heating source
  • The orientation of component service access
  • External static pressure
  • Type of refrigerant used
  • Room orientation
  • Pool or spa dimensions

Users can also specify if they’ll have pool water heating assistance built into their pool room dehumidifier system. The ability to save and return to the search means you will have plenty of time to find all the data you need to make the right choice.

Please note that your results are only expert suggestions—you should always speak to a DCA representative for more personalized guidance for your project.

At DCA, we understand that technology is a powerful tool. When applied correctly, our technical capabilities can make projects and decisions easier. Our goal for the selection software is to help our partners increase productivity without increasing work hours. This software is the simplest, quickest, and least stressful way to narrow down the choices for your pool room project.

Selection Software Tutorial Videos

Step 1: How to Register

Steps 2 & 3: How to Use & How to Save Projects

Steps 4 & 5: How to View & Edit Projects

The Future of DCA’s Dehumidifier Selection Software

Currently, the selection software only supports indoor pool room applications. We are actively working to create tools that support additional dehumidifier applications. As our capabilities expand, we will be able to provide our partners with online tools that facilitate a broad scale of planning processes and make design adjustments easy.

We hope users will find this software useful and accurate. Our team will continue to monitor usage, results, and user experiences to fine-tune the software and create tools that make our partners’ jobs even easier. Log in to your DCA account today to test out this revolutionary new software solution for yourself. If you don’t have an account, creating one is easy. Just follow the directions on our website and you’ll be ready to receive virtual advice on your pool room project in no time.

If you experience any problems with the software, have concerns related to your results, or simply need expert guidance to ensure the right decision, contact our representatives at DCA. We are always available to answer questions and offer assistance.

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