Greenhouses are essential for the year-round cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and other plants, but they pose some unique humidity and climate control challenges. The space can get especially warm during the day, then as the outside temperature drops at night, condensation can form on cooler surfaces. 

Changing temperatures and humidity levels don’t allow for optimal plant growth, as many types of plants require very specific conditions to thrive. For greenhouse farmers, a greenhouse dehumidifier is key to ensuring a successful crop.

The Importance of Greenhouse Climate Control

People often worry about plants not getting enough water, but too much water isn’t good for them, either. Excess moisture in the air causes a wide range of problems inside a greenhouse:

  • Moisture accumulates on the windows of the greenhouse, blocking the light.
  • The condensation can drip from the ceiling, potentially overwatering a plant or spreading a damaging microorganism.
  • Dripping water can create damp surfaces that pose a safety hazard for employees. 
  • Humid environments encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which not only create unsuitable air for your employees to breathe, they also put your plants at risk. 
  • Standing water invites insects. 
  • Too much humidity interferes with transpiration: the moisture emitted by the plants doesn’t evaporate when the air is already saturated. This puts the plants under stress because they can’t move water through their systems. 

An effective greenhouse humidity control system alleviates these concerns and helps create optimal growing conditions for your plants. Ventilation is a common solution for excess humidity, but it has its challenges. Cold, humid, or rainy outside weather conditions can make ventilation completely ineffective, and it can be expensive if it interferes with temperature control inside. 

A greenhouse dehumidifier is a better solution. It’s cost-effective and it gives you greater control over humidity. No matter the indoor temperature or the outdoor weather conditions and humidity levels, your greenhouse dehumidification system can be set to remove moisture from the air when it hits a particular level, allowing you to choose the humidity level that’s best for your plants. Flowering plants require considerably less humidity than seedlings and clones, for example, and your dehumidifier lets you account for those specific needs. 

Get the Best Dehumidifier for Your Greenhouse at DCA

Your choice of greenhouse dehumidifier will depend upon the size of your space, your climate region, the type of plants you grow, and your unique challenges with humidity. At Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA), we have worked extensively with commercial growers to control humidity levels within their facilities. This experience provides us with the knowledge and skills to deliver optimal dehumidifier solutions for a variety of grower needs. Take a closer look at a few of our commercial greenhouse dehumidification solutions:


In certain conditions, a standard solution may not be enough. At DCA, we offer custom dehumidifier options to ensure your system is right for your greenhouse. We work closely with you to understand your needs and build a system that will match them. These options include:

  • Horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Indoor or outdoor installation of horizontal configurations
  • Rooftop, curb-mounted
  • Water source cooling
  • External gas or electric heat
  • BMS Controls – BACnet 

Contact Our Experts for Your Dehumidification Needs Today!

Since 1995, DCA has specialized in dehumidification, offering high-quality products featuring the latest technology at competitive prices. Our dehumidification systems are trusted in a wide range of applications, from hotel and residential pool rooms and locker rooms to spas, gyms, therapy rooms, greenhouses, and more. Our highly skilled engineers will help you identify your humidity problems, evaluate the moisture levels, and recommend the best system for your application. 

With years of experience working with indoor growers, we understand the unique humidity challenges in greenhouses all over the country, and we’ve had incredible success with our greenhouse dehumidification solutions. Contact us to learn more about greenhouse humidity control or request a quote for your dehumidification solution. 

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