hemp dryingThe hemp-based product market has grown significantly in recent years. In response to increasing consumer demand, companies within the market have sought ways to improve production operations. One area of focus is the drying process, which is crucial to ensuring the quality and safety of products. Below, we go into more detail about the hemp drying process and the role of dehumidifiers in it.

Overview of Industrial/Commercial Hemp Drying

After it is harvested, hemp must be moved quickly to the drying facility. Otherwise, the moisture that evaporates off the harvested plants can lead to a reduction in product quality and/or the development of mold and mildew. 

A typical hemp drying facility consists of a roofed structure that is well-ventilated and positioned out of direct sunlight. Key pieces of equipment within the facility include temperature controls, fans, and dehumidifiers. Temperature controls ensure the proper temperature is maintained, fans ensure sufficient airflow is maintained, and dehumidifiers ensure the right humidity levels are maintained. The targeted temperature, airflow, and humidity conditions depend on the number of plants being dried and the speed at which they should be dried. Generally, the drying process takes between three to ten days.


The Importance of Humidity Control & Using Dehumidifiers 

The point of the hemp drying process is to remove excess moisture from the plants to prevent damage or degradation of the product. However, the moisture emitted by the post-harvest plants can raise the relative humidity within the drying environment to 100% if left unchecked, which stops the plants from drying. That’s why it is important for growers to implement measures to keep humidity levels under control. For this reason, drying rooms are fitted with dehumidifiers. These devices draw moisture from the air when it exceeds a set level. For the purposes of hemp drying, these levels typically range from 45% to 60%.

Create the Perfect Hemp Drying Room With DCA 

At Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA), we have worked extensively with commercial growers to control humidity levels within their facilities. This experience provides us with the knowledge and skills to deliver optimal dehumidifier solutions for a variety of grower needs. 

Looking for quality dehumidifiers for your hemp drying operations? We’ve got you covered. We offer drying room dehumidifiers in a range of CFMs, from 5 to 10 tons. In addition to our standard dehumidification units, our team can design, build, and install custom systems tailored to your needs. We can completely and seamlessly integrate your system into new or existing structures.

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