The pool room dehumidifier is the most crucial piece of HVAC equipment for protecting the integrity of the pool room structure from mold, mildew and corrosion.  It controls the relative humidity, room heating and cooling, and can also maintain the correct pool water temperature when equipped. Assuming that the correct capacity dehumidification system was selected initially, many long years of service can be expected as long as the owner adheres to a proper maintenance schedule.   

For this discussion it will be assumed that a properly sized dehumidification system was selected initially and installed in accordance with the DCA installation and service manual provided.  It is further assumed that the air distribution system – called ductwork – was installed per the manual with SMACNA best practices.

Pool Room Dehumidifier Design/Maintenance

A pool room dehumidification system is not an “install and forget” proposition. Proper maintenance is mandatory and conducting it at the appropriate times should guarantee many trouble-free years of operation. 

A proper duct system will direct dehumidified air on all outside facing glass windows, doors, and skylights, helping to minimize accumulated moisture forming on the glass surfaces. In addition, it will also  ensure that all of the air in the room is circulated through the dehumidifier approximately six times per hour and eliminate any dead spots in the room.

Pool room dehumidifiers are normally installed in a mechanical room along with the pool water heater and filter. Chemicals used in pool water – such as chlorine and bromine – must not be stored in the same room because of their corrosive nature. They will attack any metal surface, causing premature failure to the dehumidifier, pool water filter, and heater.  Instead, they must be stored in a tightly closed container in another space.

Pool room dehumidifier maintenance should be conducted  every six months. Additional critical maintenance procedures for pool room dehumidifiers include: 

Air filters

Dehumidifiers are equipped with a return air filter that must be replaced periodically when dirty.  Do not run the dehumidifier without a filter in place.

Blower belts

The dehumidifier air circulation blower belt must be checked at least twice a year for the proper tension, and replaced when needed.

Electrical connections

The electrical connections in the dehumidifier electrical box must be checked for tightness once a year. Loose connections can cause arcing, which will shorten the life of various components. In extreme cases, loose connections can pose a risk of fire.


Caution must be taken to not accidentally close intake or discharge grills or registers as this changes air flow within the system.

Humidity/temperature controls

Dehumidifier humidity and temperature controls should be checked for accuracy periodically to ensure the proper level of room relative humidity and temperature.

Drain pans

Empty the unit’s drain pan every six months during scheduled maintenance and clean out any residue build up that has occurred.


Check all coils for build-up of dirt or other residue, and clean them if necessary.

Make sure you create a checklist and maintenance service plan based on the above steps, and that is accessible to all personnel involved with pool room dehumidifier maintenance procedures. This will ensure that all steps are completed during every six-month maintenance cycle. 

Questions? Ask For Help

By using the tips above coupled with the manufacturer’s installation and service manual, you can be assured many years of trouble-free service.  If you feel that the dehumidification system has not met your expectations, place a call to the manufacturer’s service department and discuss your concerns. You can also check out our troubleshooting guide for additional information and tips.

If you still have concerns or questions regarding proper maintenance procedures for your pool room dehumidifier equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us. For more information on purchasing or installation of pool room dehumidifier equipment, please request a quote.  

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