In humid climates, outdoor dehumidifiers are a practical solution for creating a more comfortable indoor environment. These versatile systems can be ducted into the air handling unit (AHU) or placed directly in the room, if necessary. As they remove the stale or odor-filled air from a home, office, or other space, they dehumidify the make-up air as it’s drawn in.

Improving Air Quality with Make-Up Air & Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)

As exhaust fans remove air from inside a building, that air must be replaced. Make-up air is intended to “make up” for the air removed by the exhaust fans that can’t be recirculated. Make-up air is fresh, filtered, dehumidified air drawn in from outside by an outdoor air dehumidifier system. Outdoor air dehumidifier solutions are highly recommended for buildings that require ventilation for improved air quality. Not only does it create a more comfortable environment for employees, residents, and visitors, it helps protect their health. Mold and mildew thrive in humid environments, which can cause allergies and other health concerns. By dehumidifying your space, you can reduce the growth of these organisms and the risk of people experiencing congestion, coughing, trouble breathing, and more.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) are a year-round solution, delivering cooled, dehumidified outdoor air in the summer and heated outdoor air in the winter. Dehumidifier Corporation of America’s (DCA) 100% outdoor air dehumidifiers are designed for maximum dehumidification and are intended to supplement your primary cooling source. A DOAS, which includes a remote condenser, gets rid of moisture and draws in the air at a neutral temperature. Depending on the climate and the activities that take place inside the building, additional cooling will likely be required.

img-outdoor-dehumidifier-on-1.jpgCommon Applications of 100% Outdoor Air Dehumidifiers

You can easily add a 100% outdoor air dehumidifier to your exhaust system. Dedicated, energy-efficient outdoor air systems are useful in a variety of environments, including any facility comprised of individual rooms, such as:

  • Hospitals and skilled nursing facilities
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Office buildings

Our highly skilled team at DCA can engineer the perfect solution to control the humidity and comfort level of your interior environment.

Custom 100% Outdoor Air Dehumidification Systems from DCA

Outdoor air dehumidification systems are a common solution for climate control, especially as structures today are built with carefully sealed interiors to optimize energy efficiency. Because your 100% outdoor air dehumidifier pre-treats the make-up air before it enters the building, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, offering an ideal solution for energy efficiency and effective cooling.

The key is finding a dehumidifier that can manage the volume, size, and unique environmental conditions of your space. Selecting the wrong size unit for your space will result in inefficient dehumidification. DCA offers a full line of 100% outdoor air units that range from 1.5 to 30 tons, with volumes ranging from 200 to 7,000 to fit your space.


Options include:

  • Horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Indoor or outdoor installation (horizontal only)
  • Rooftop curb mount
  • Water source cooling

With years of experience and a range of clients and applications, we have a complete understanding of the unique needs of each potential job scenario with consideration for the size of your space and the outdoor air conditions. We can help you identify the best air dehumidifier solution for your application.

Reducing Primary Equipment Size with a DCA O/A Unit

For high-occupant fresh-air loads in spaces such as schools, educational facilities, or large offices, a 100% Outdoor Air Dehumidifier can pretreat fresh air before it’s supplied to the building’s main Air Handling Unit. This allows engineers to reduce the size of the main AHU, as it no longer needs to manage the additional outdoor air loading. The building will only require a unit large enough for its own load, while outdoor air is managed through the dehumidifier and controlled either via enthalpy sensor or modulated reheat for temperature control.

Pool room dehumidification.png

A large indoor pool room is another key example of a high-humidity environment that can benefit from a 100% O/A dehumidifier. Because the outdoor air load from high moisture regions is so highly concentrated, it’s often more practical to split it from the internal required pool water evaporation load usually handled by a recirculating pool dehumidifier. Applying a 100% OA dehumidifier to manage the make-up air can allow for a smaller recirculating air dehumidifier to be used to handle the internal moisture load. The O/A dehumidifier can even be minimized in seasons when the moisture load in the make-up air is lower than that controlled in the pool room. This strategy makes energy usage, run time, and overall loading significantly more efficient.

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Since 1995, DCA has specialized in dehumidification solutions using the latest technology while maintaining competitive pricing. Our custom solutions are used in hotels, pool rooms, indoor grow houses, industrial spaces, and more. Our experienced, highly-trained team will help you identify your biggest challenges, evaluate the moisture load, and recommend the solution that will help you achieve a more comfortable indoor environment, reduce mold and allergens, and improve energy efficiency in your climate control system.

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