In order to remain functional, comfortable, and safe, swimming pool areas must be equipped with high-quality, reliable dehumidification systems. As with any complex system, pool room dehumidification equipment requires regular maintenance and, periodically, replacement.

Determining whether replacement is the appropriate action, however, can be daunting or confusing, as diagnosing problems is often a complex process in itself. And once system issues have been identified, an operator must determine which course of action will best rectify them: repair, retrofit, or complete replacement.

Common Pool Room Dehumidification Issues

Dehumidifiers, particularly for indoor pool rooms, are complex and expensive systems, and fully replacing one is costly. However, operators often underestimate the severity of certain issues as well as the potential costs involved in working with poorly performing dehumidifiers. Dehumidifier maintenance is much less costly than buying and installing a replacement pool dehumidifier and is therefore often a more attractive option, but it is not always the best solution.

Mold and mildew are common issues in dehumidification systems but are easy to overlook and difficult to remedy during the course of standard maintenance. Mold and mildew growth often goes unnoticed in its early stages but can cause catastrophic damage if left unmitigated for even relatively short periods of time, resulting in significant damage to the system, exacerbated corrosion, and, in a worst-case scenario, entry into the air flow, which can cause skin and eye irritation for pool occupants.

The installation of insufficient dehumidification systems in the first place is another common problem and makes identifying potential issues even more difficult, as underpowered dehumidifiers will constantly struggle to perform effectively while showing no obvious signs of trouble. Generally, such systems should be replaced completely.

A pool dehumidification system will last between five and 15 years, sometimes more, depending on whether the correct dehumidifier is used and whether maintenance service is conducted regularly, consistently, and in accordance with the system’s manual. The duct system component of a pool room dehumidifier, in particular, is often overlooked during maintenance.

In a number of pool room applications, especially in the hotel and motel industries, it’s common for there to be a high rate of turnover among qualified dehumidifier maintenance personnel. This results in inconsistent maintenance, allowing issues to arise or worsen and ultimately shortening the service life of the dehumidifier. Continued use of an underperforming pool room dehumidifier can further hasten personnel turnover.

DCA’s Experience

The Dehumidifier Corporation of America’s (DCA) engineering team regularly works with swimming pool room owners to evaluate existing dehumidification systems and select appropriate replacements when needed./p>

Our team frequently encounters systems that are ill-suited to the application at hand; usually, such systems are weaker than they should be. Our engineers also commonly find duct systems that have been improperly installed, are insufficient for the application, or both. Service regimens are often inconsistent and not in compliance with system manufacturer guidelines, and owners are often unaware of the fact that there are other, better-suited systems available.

Working with DCA

Swimming pool dehumidifier replacement can be a big job, but identifying the correct replacement unit doesn’t need to be.

If you suspect that your dehumidification system might be in need of a replacement dehumidifier, or know for a fact that it is, check out our free Replacement Unit Identifier. Requiring just a few inputs, this valuable tool provides immediate feedback, helping you to determine what type of unit is right for your job. Or, if you believe that your current dehumidification system is ill-suited to your pool room specifications, download our comprehensive brochure to view all of our units’ technical specifications.

Alternatively, you can contact us at any time, and a sales associate will be able to verify your selection or recommend a unit better suited to your requirements.

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