During warm months, just about every location east of the Rocky Mountains feels the muggy effects of high dew points. The resulting high relative humidity produces a host of issues for businesses such as printing, machining, archive storage, food packaging, electronic component providers and clean rooms.

HumiditydamageWhile normal air conditioning systems remove some excessive moisture, A/C often falls short, allowing excessive moisture to interfere with equipment function, printing registry and food product integrity. Industrial dehumidifiers can help solve these moisture problems – and others.

For example, before current ASHRAE standards were initiated, moist make-up air was allowed to enter a building, the building’s A/C system was relied on to deal with the problem – a tall order, especially during summer’s high dew point days. As a result, mold and mildew commonly accumulated in duct work, causing poor indoor air quality and contributing to “sick building syndrome.” Now, ASHRAE codes call for all commercial buildings to receive dehumidified outdoor make-up air before it enters the building’s HVAC system.

Facilities that use daily washdown procedures on floors and walls are also susceptible to mold, mildew and corrosion. It doesn’t take long for walls to turn black with mold and metal to rust which can force production downtime for sanitizing. Industrial dehumidifiers can solve this problem by effectively drying the space between washdowns, providing a dry room before the next shift starts production.

DCA can inspect your current HVAC system and suggest ways to improve moisture control, save money and energy and comply with regulations. Keep your summer moisture issues under control!

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