Now’s the time to take action concerning your seasonal humidity control issues that seem to come up every year during the warm, humid summer months. You can recognize that time of year when the normal use of room air conditioning doesn’t control the excess humidity. Moisture problems can cause production down time, product degradation, wet walls and ceilings, and many of the other common problems.

During high dew point times of year, poor air quality and the risk of mold and mildew pose serious health problems to the workplace. Common room air conditioning, while able to remove some of the unwanted moisture, becomes over-burdened with excessive outdoor moisture loads.

To make matters even worse, the air conditioning system is called upon to run excessively, driving down the room temperature and making the environment uncomfortable for workers. Lowering the room temperature actually raises the room’s relative humidity, which is counter-productive in many cases.

The bottom line is that any area that would be impacted by out of control moisture is a candidate for dehumidification. The question is, what type of dehumidification system is appropriate for your project? Fortunately, this can be answered by requesting a online. Experts are on hand to review your needs and recommend the best option.

Whether you need to add additional commercial dehumidification capacity to your present A/C system or add an entirely new dehumidification system, DCA is here to help.

There are several categories to choose from when selecting a commercial dehumidifiers “Request For Quote.” Options are available for 100% Public Building Outdoor Make Up Air Systems, swimming pool and hot tub dehumidification, industrial dehumidifier variations and Custom Dehumidifier Alternatives for your special project needs.

If you would like to do a little more research before requesting a quote, a Dehumidification Fact Sheet is available online with common questions and answers. Once you feel ready to take the next step, feel free to:

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