Swimming pool roomsIt will come as no surprise that swimming pool rooms are extremely humid, and with humidity comes the potential for unwanted microbial growth. With their high traffic and enclosed indoor swimming areas, swim schools are particularly prone to moisture buildup and the growth of mold and mildew. To ensure the health and safety of pool users, it is important to use dehumidifiers in swim school pool rooms.

Dehumidifier Corporation of America is a professional provider of dehumidifying products and services. We offer a wide range of dehumidifier equipment to meet the unique needs of your pool room. Below is a short guide to choosing the right dehumidifier for your needs.

Indoor Swimming School Pool Room Considerations

Swimming pool room dehumidifiers must be able to handle much higher moisture levels than a typical room dehumidifier. To find the right dehumidifier, you will need to consider the size of the room, volume of air and moisture to be processed, and the amount of space you have for installation. For swimming schools, it is especially important to consider air quality, as children can be particularly affected by mold and mildew spores in the atmosphere. In addition to basic size and volume considerations, be sure to account for the following important factors:

Room Maintenance

Due to the high levels of moisture released by warm indoor pools, indoor swimming pool rooms require a significant amount of cleaning and maintenance. Along with moisture, the pool releases harsh chlorine and bromine disinfectants that will corrode the surrounding surfaces. Unchecked, moisture on the surfaces in the room will allow excessive growth of mold and mildew throughout the facility and surrounding buildings.

The correct dehumidifier will help to reduce latent moisture in the room, thereby reducing the potential for corrosion and mold. This will reduce the overall cost of maintenance and repairs for the facility.

High Traffic Areas

Swim schools are a meeting ground for communities, families, swim teams, and lessons for individuals of all ages. With such a high level of traffic, the potential for illness due to microbial growth is significantly higher. High levels of activity add more moisture to the air and the risk grows. To ensure the health of individuals using the swim school pool room, be sure to take into account the level of traffic—especially with regards to children, the elderly, and any other individuals who will be particularly affected by poor air quality.

Air Quality Concerns

Air quality suffers significantly in a swim school pool room, where dozens of people are highly active for long periods of time. Increased activity adds moisture to the air and results in higher levels of respiration, so it is important that the air quality be monitored and controlled. An industrial dehumidifier will help ensure that the air quality is ideal for users of all ages, even in high traffic conditions.

Benefits of Pool Room Dehumidifiers

Benefits of pool room dehumidifiersPool room dehumidifiers are crucial to maintaining a healthy and sanitary indoor swimming room. A good humidifier will help keep the air temperature and moisture content at comfortable and healthy levels. In addition, a high quality pool dehumidifier offers the following benefits.

Excess Moisture Management

The primary purpose of a dehumidifier is to reduce the amount of atmospheric moisture in indoor pool rooms and workout facilities. Due to the high level of activity, these areas tend to have higher than usual air moisture to room volume ratios. For this reason, specific dehumidifiers have been developed for spaces such as pool rooms, which feature a high level of humidity for the room’s overall volume.

Humidity Damage Prevention

Excess humidity can result in widespread damage to every part of the building, from mold and mildew to rot and swelling. It is important to invest in a high quality dehumidifier to prevent the risk of structural damage in facilities that contain pool rooms.

Energy Cost Reduction

Dehumidifying equipment helps to maintain a stable temperature and humidity level within the pool room, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs. Since the pool will react to the atmospheric temperature and moisture content, keeping the air levels constant will ensure a comfortable swimming pool without the need for excessive pool heating. DCA’s dehumidifiers are specifically engineered for energy cost savings, so you can be sure that your pool room has top air quality at the operating cost.

Dehumidifier Corporation of America Solutions

Since 1995, Dehumidifier Corporation of America has been a proud manufacturer of high-quality dehumidifiers for everything from large hotel pool rooms to smaller therapy pool facilities. We design a wide range of energy efficient designs that are factory tested to guarantee optimal performance.

At DCA, we understand that each pool facility is different. This is why we have created a wide range of dehumidifier designs that are easily integrated into your system. Our superior dehumidifier styles include:

  • Horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Indoor or outdoor installation (horizontal only)
  • Rooftop curb mounted
  • Water source cooling
  • Pool water heating
  • External gas or electric heat
  • Internal water heat
  • BMS Controls through BACnet

To learn more about the best dehumidifier for your swim school pool or other high moisture facilities, contact the experts at DCA today!

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