Efficient dehumidification actively prevents structural damage, lowers energy costs and improves a room’s climate. DCA understands the importance of maintaining swimming pool room dehumidification and works with many swimming pool room applications to create ideal, precise solutions for small to large spaces.

Given our experience encompassing large-scale hotel pools to small, specialized therapy pool rooms, DCA is best at differentiating needs per application and working to develop the ideal dehumidifier solution. To satisfy any energy-saving goals you may have, we offer water-cooled versions of every dehumidification–plus, each one is factory-tested for guaranteed high performance.

Hotel and Hospitality

commercial dehumidifier, mainly for a hotel or hospitality business, is crucial to guests enjoying a comfortable swimming environment. DCA dehumidifiers prevent excess moisture build-up in anywhere from pool rooms to spas and gyms. Not only do our dehumidification systems provide humidity control, but they also offer heating and cooling, and easy automatic operation. DCA is able to work with hotel owners and designers to select from cooling towers and chillers when necessary for water cooled units. Other benefits and controls included in DCA systems include room heating and cooling, pool-water heating, simple installation and optional water-cooled dehumidifiers. DCA offers units between 1.5 and 30 tons, with CFM ranging from 650 to 14,000 CFM’s.


Indoor swimming pools demand high levels of maintenance, such as removing excess air moisture and maintaining optimal swimming temperatures. Unlike conventional indoor pool room systems, DCA pool dehumidifiers don’t waste energy exhausting air outside. Instead, already heated or cooled air is repurposed. Residential pools may use water cooled dehumidifiers with a geothermal water source. Water cooled dehumidifiers eliminate the need for an air cooled outdoor remote condenser.


As important as dehumidification is for recreational swimming, it’s that much more for therapy pool rooms. DCA assists home and business owners alike in creating unparalleled therapy pool room conditions. Our pool room dehumidification solutions target therapy rooms by heating or cooling the room properly and processing outdoor make-up air. Therapy rooms produce more moisture than other pool rooms, so we make sure to reduce energy costs while preventing mold.

Since 1995, we’ve served the swimming pool room market successfully and are now experts in custom dehumidification systems. DCA also holds expertise in markets including:

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