While there is a wide range of standard catalog dehumidifying systems available to suit various industrial dehumidifier applications, many applications may require specialized solutions to obtain the required result. With custom designed dehumidifiers, you can create a precise humidity control system for most of  your specific applications.  

Why Standard Catalog Dehumidifiers May Not Work For Your Unique Application

Standard dehumidifiers are made to work under a wide range of conditions. If your application meets those conditions, you can choose that standard solution. However, if your application calls for removing a large moisture load in a relatively small space or room air temperatures are either higher or lower than what is considered normal a custom system is the solution.  Over-sizing or under-sizing dehumidification systems, for a specific application, are rarely a solution. There are several reasons why certain rooms and buildings may need a custom solution:

  • Specific Dew Point is critical for an operation
  • Room Ambient Temperature – Higher or lower that what is considered normal
  • Moisture Load – high moisture load in a small space or low moisture load in a large space
  • Additional room cooling or heating is required over and above what may be needed 
  • Other unique factors to be considered


Common Custom Dehumidifier Applications

Companies from several industries commonly turn to custom dehumidifiers to ensure the humidity in their space is properly and reliably managed.  The following is only a partial list of industries that need custom commercial dehumidification solutions:

  • Pharmaceutical: Excess moisture can alter the composition and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products. When working with dry substances, humidity can damage the entire production run, wasting time, money, and resources.
  • Warehousing/Storage: Especially in large facilities, climate control is already a challenge. Uncontrolled humidity can lead to mold and mildew, which could damage the products you’re storing. Your humidity control needs will depend on the climate in your region and what type of products you keep in your warehouse.
  • Therapy/Pool Rooms: Not only does excess humidity make it hard to keep these rooms clean and mildew-free, it also makes the space uncomfortable for guests and employees alike.
  • Water Treatment Facilities: Controlling Indoor humidity helps to control mold, mildew, rusting and corrosion which leads to expensive ongoing housekeeping problems.
  • Indoor Farming and Grow Room Applications
  • The Printing Industry where control of room dew point and paper moisture content is critical
  • Schools/Hotels/Museums: Custom dehumidifiers help you keep these spaces comfortable while discouraging the growth of mold. In museums in particular, excess moisture in the air can damage delicate documents and artifacts. 


DCA’s Custom Dehumidifier Options

Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA) specializes in humidity control, and we’ve created custom solutions for clients in a range of industries, from indoor vertical farming to pool houses, warehouses, and more. We offer an extensive range of options to ensure you receive an ideal solution for your application:

  • Horizontal or vertical configuration to accommodate any ductwork situation
  • Indoor or outdoor installation for horizontal configurations
  • Automatic Room heating or cooling as needed
  • Rooftop curb mounted
  • Water source cooling
  • External gas or electric heat
  • BMS controls-BACnet

DCA’s Case Studies

Over the years, we’ve taken on the responsibility of helping clients in a variety of industries solve their most challenging humidity control issues. Here are just a few of our success stories:

  • Custom Commercial Dehumidifier: A ceramic casting and storage room in Mexico was dealing with high ambient temperatures, high humidity levels, and a high moisture load from the manufacturing process. We custom designed a DCA5500T-RA reduced air flow dehumidifier to include oversized coils, which gave them more contact with the air and more time to reduce moisture. 
  • Custom Outdoor Air Dehumidifier: The Saint Johns County Public District in St. Augustine, Florida had an old HVAC system that could not keep up with rising humidity levels in the washrooms. We created a custom 2.5-ton DCA1200T-OA 100% outdoor air dehumidifier with 600 CFM of supply air for each washroom, intended for maximum dehumidification. Because the unit delivers neutral air, it doesn’t create an extra challenge for temperature control. 
  • Custom Therapy Pool Room Dehumidifier: A busy therapy room in a popular Chicago hotel had originally installed a dehumidification system that could not handle the conditions in the room: air temperatures above 78° F, pools kept at 90° F, and a heavy moisture load. The system was expensive to run and maintain. Our custom DCA7000T-RA-CT dehumidifier with air circulating blower was connected to the cooling tower, allowing for sufficient moisture removal while providing cooling when needed. 
  • Custom Low-Temperature Dehumidifier: Several freshwater treatment plants in Indiana had originally installed small dehumidifiers that had become expensive and unreliable. We chose to customize several DCA3300T-LT low temperature dehumidification systems along with several DCA1500T-LT units, which were designed to be ducted and operate in space temperatures as low as 60° F.

At DCA, we’re committed to solving your commercial and industrial humidity challenges with high-quality, reliable solutions at competitive prices. We help you define your problem, evaluate the moisture load, and recommend a standard or custom solution that meets your needs. Contact us to learn more about custom dehumidification systems and collaborate on a solution that truly serves your facility and your business. 

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