Indoor swimming pools are ubiquitously known to enhance any home, hotel, or hospitality business by providing a sense of relaxation and comfort no matter what the season. However, all pool owners also understand the high level of maintenance required to keep any pool in optimal condition — including regular oxidations,vacuuming, and filter maintenance, even during the colder months.

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Indoor pool and spa environments become costly to support, but what home and business owners often fail to realize is that investing in a reliable dehumidifying system to use all year long is taking a step in the right direction for the best long-term results. Using a swimming pool room dehumidifier can lead to better savings and improved pool room quality, even in the winter. Here’s why:

Pool room dehumidification prevents structural damage from happening over time. This type of damage is usually caused by excessive moisture residue. Heated pool and spa rooms naturally increase humidity levels allowing for standing water to form in or on all surrounding areas. Pool room dehumidification in the winter

An efficient use of dehumidification can help avoid potential build-up of interior damage such as mold, mildew, and corrosion.

As expected, this sort of deterioration can be costly for health and safety related to the swimming pool room or facility.

High levels of humidity combined with chlorine from pool chemicals easily damage heavy metals and can exponentially increase maintenance costs if overlooked during months of lower temperatures.

Essentially, a pool dehumidifying system should work year-round to remove excess air moisture and maintain an optimal swimming temperature, reducing environmental risks and damages.

By choosing the right dehumidifier based on the size and typical conditions of the pool room, dampness, fogginess, condensation, and evaporation can be minimized for a well-structured and high quality swimming pool room.

Pool room dehumidification can also reduce energy costs, which means this might be a financial solution for cutting down on those unreasonably high heating costs every year.

With winter months just around the corner, heating costs for the designated area are expected to increase because of high evaporation rates and structural heat loss; however, options such as mechanical dehumidifiers are available to recover latent heat from pool evaporation, lowering long-term electricity costs.

Instead of wasting energy through exhausting air outside and creating passive heat exchanges, the already heated or cooled air can be repurposed to create comfortable swimming conditions.

Dehumidification at a minimal yet constant level will control condensate formation and maintain proper air temperatures.

There are also numerous different dehumidification systems available based on application needs, such as water-cooled humidifiers, that can eliminate the need for an air-cooled outdoor remote condenser.

With proper planning and application, using a dehumidifier can result in lower overall pool maintenance costs for every time of year. It’s as simple as that.

And of course, dehumidifying the pool room is essential to improving the room’s overall climate. No one wants to relax in a smelly, sticky or suffocating environment. One of the most important factors of using a dehumidification system is the level of consistency it brings to the room’s climate, regardless of the outside temperature.

An excess of moisture not only causes structural damage but leads to foul odors and growth of unhealthy bacteria. Controlling the climate will increase comfort levels and pool temperatures while reducing the risk of respiratory or allergy related issues caused by a poorly managed environment.

Using a dehumidification system year round makes the room accessible and enjoyable at all times which is exactly what an indoor swimming facility is used for.  

Convinced yet? You should be. Selecting a dehumidification system that’s the perfect fit for an indoor spa or pool can be a favorable decision.

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Room Dehumidifiers

Whether it’s to satisfy energy-saving goals or have better humidity control, a pool room dehumidifier can prove to be highly beneficial over time and be a cost-effective way to increase any pool room’s longevity.

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